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Top 30 Microsoft Azure Interview Questions 2023

Let’s say you are a small business owner who needs to host a website. Traditionally, you would need to purchase or lease physical hardware to run your website, such as a server, storage device, and networking equipment. You must hire IT staff to manage the infrastructure, troubleshoot problems, and perform routine maintenance tasks.

The main advantages of cloud computing systems are reduced operational and IT maintenance costs and faster development, leading to improved time to market products and services. Cloud computing systems allow for rapid application development without businesses worrying about their infrastructure, software, and hardware requirements. This article is intended to serve as a resource for job seekers looking to land a cloud engineer role and hiring managers looking to identify the best candidates for their organization.

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By doing so, they can make informed decisions about the services that best meet your needs. Web roles in Windows Azure are special purpose, and provide a dedicated Internet Information Services web-server used for hosting front-end web applications. You can quickly and easily deploy web applications to Web Roles and then scale your Compute capabilities up or down to meet demand. This question is designed to understand your approach to professional development and staying current with the latest cloud technologies. Be specific about the resources you use, such as industry publications, forums, and webinars.

azure cloud engineer interview questions

Azure table storage is a service through which structured NoSQL data can be stored in the cloud, giving a key-attribute store in a schema-less design setup. It is a good way to store data that azure cloud engineer doesn’t need complex joins, stored procedures, foreign keys etc. Table storage provider, a part of Azure table storage, is also used as a session provider that centralizes session information.

What are the advantages of the Azure Resource Manager?

The billing is absolutely “per minute” billing giving you more saving on cost. Let’s say I wish to develop a banking application using MVC. When we think about developing a new enterprise level web application, the first thought comes to mind is how am I going to host it? This leads to list of below requirements.Database servers and licenses. I came out of that tech interview learning quite a bit, but also feeling extremely inadequate.

azure cloud engineer interview questions

We hope you found this Azure cloud interview questions guide useful. We will love to hear about topics you want to get covered as a part of this guide so go ahead and leave a comment below. Log Analytics also enables you to generate Power BI data source from which you can build Power BI visuals for your data.

General Azure Interview Questions and Answers

Using a Virtual network bars users from directly accessing Azure functions over the internet. The applications inside the same Virtual Network can provide access using a public IP address or public Load Balancer. We can do so by using the service fabric, a distributed systems platform where microservices and containers can be easily deployed and managed.

Further, an Apache Maven PMD Plugin assists in automatically administering the PMD code analysis mechanism on a project’s source code. The site report presents comprehensive results about flaws in the code. The solution to this problem introduces a self-hosted agent and an outside Git service connection. GitLab CI/CD is harmonious with GitHub and Git servers like Bitbucket. Rather than changing a whole project to GitLab, it is possible to connect an external repository to obtain the benefits of GitLab CI/CD.

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